About Us

Cat Fiend was born in the small town of Sanford, North Carolina in late 2017.

It all started with a guy named Mark and an obsession with cats and cat t-shirts. His love for cats was heavily influenced by his late wife and their three fur babies - Quin, Samone, and Doyle. Mark lost his wife in 2016 and has steadily found outlets to help him cope with his loss. Cat Fiend has been one of them. He created Cat Fiend as a community first. He used social media platforms such as facebook and instagram to connect a small audience of cat lovers by sharing pictures of his newly adopted kitties and getting people to share the same types of content of their cats. The Cat Fiend community he built continues to grow and serve as an amazing coping mechanism for Mark. Now, with Cat Fiend's online store, he has worked hard to build the perfect team to help deliver cat fans around the country quality apparel and other cat themed products. He is passionate about connecting with other cat lovers daily, and with the opportunity the Cat Fiend store has created, him and his team are able to do so. The team is constantly innovating new product ideas and coming out with new t-shirt designs weekly that they think cat people will love!

Mark's mission statement for Cat Fiend is a simple one.


CONNECT cat people with cat people. PROVIDE cat people with the products and apparel they want. LOVE every second of it.

We currently have team members steadily working to better our website and make your online shopping experience with us even easier!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Cat Fiend's birth and mission. Also, thank you for visiting our store. That alone means the world to us. We hope we have what you're looking for, and if not please let us know! We release new items weekly as we continue to scale and build our inventory!